Killer Tips to Crafting a Winning Cover Letter

Companies are beginning to increasingly exempt cover letters from the requirements when inviting applications. This is probably because the people in charge of recruitment in those organizations are probably as excited about reading cover letters as you are about writing them. Few people enjoy writing cover letters and even fewer enjoy reading them. However, when […]

Resume and CV; Explaining away the Conflict

Have you ever gotten through with a job application and crossed your fingers in anticipation, only to receive a response informing you that you had sent in the wrong document? Perhaps you had sent in a CV when a Resume was required and this left you wondering, what is the difference? I have met people […]

5 Must-Have Sections For Your CV And How To Draft Them

The Curriculum vitae is accepted world over as a Job application tool in many establishments and even governments. This has in turn made the skill of crafting an enticing and well-articulated CV a necessary and desired skill for the new age job seeker. While, this necessity is obvious, not many people are careful enough to […]